February 25, 2018

Big Shade

Some attempts at a gentle concept. I don’t know if its quite there yet.

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  1. Awesome! You’re definitely on the right track!


  2. Not sure where you’re going with this one. My first inclination is that you’re working on some sort of cyber storyline. By the time I get to the third drawing, I think you’re working on a space opera. I’m okay with the first one. But #2 and #3 make me feel increasingly uncomfortable.

  3. GhettoFab says:

    ooo great lines! Love these!

  4. Jed,

    Thanks. I’ll keep hammering.


    It’s a completely visual concept, no storyline or nothing, just glam pushed to a ridiculous limit. I’m hoping when I get to something final it’ll still make you uncomfortable, but in the right way.


    thanks dude.

  5. philistine says:

    I really like your work. Good stuff.

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