January 24, 2018

Art Show — Update

Here’s the latest on what I’m working on for this Saturday:

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to do it as a screen print or paint it up with more shadows and texture and stuff. I guess it’ll depend on whether or not I have the time to do the screen printing.


  1. Thorsten Hasenkamm says:

    Great stuff, great blog!

  2. How did the art show go? Did you end up doing this piece as a screenprint?

  3. doood Youre on a roll! Beatiful stuff mr Merril

  4. Kristen McCabe says:

    Awesome!!! That turned out great!

  5. Don’t you mean grrrRRRReeeaaat! ?

  6. Chrissie A says:

    This is terrific! I love the limited color palette and the stylization. Very cool.

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