January 24, 2018

Mr. Gris Returns

I wasn’t totally satisfied with the last iteration of Mr. Gris, so I solicited some advice from a number of friends and re-worked it.


  1. Xavier Garcia says:

    He definitely looks more focused now, more polished.

    Btw, I got the Razorback in TF2 and ANOTHER Flare gun. Seems like the rate to getting items has to do with playing time, so the more you play, the bigger the chances of getting stuff. Apparently in an upcoming patch you’ll be able to trade items with other players.

    Anyways yeah, good stuff 🙂

  2. Got your book “Making faces love it my drawing still suck compared to yours and when i tried being a freelancer i couldn’t get work so…i’m just drawing now for fun

  3. Brandon says:

    Thanks Xavi and Sean. Freelance is a tough gig Sean, and sometimes it takes awhile to get your foot in the door. I’d check out the Big Illustration Party time podcast for good advice on breaking in.

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