February 25, 2018

Cover Band

So I’ve been working on the cover of Green Monk today, and I’ve comped together a couple of different ideas for color. Let me know which one you like the most. And if there’s any thing else you think could use tweaking, feel free to say so.

Number 1 The Continental

Number 2 Pulp Fiction


Number 3 Zen



  1. the backwards “N” on the first russian word needs a little “check” mark above it, to indicate it’s a short “i” or “yot” sound instead of the regular “i”. The second “E” needs two dots above it to show that it’s a “yo” sound instead of a “ye” sound, though that can often be assumed in that case. Other than that, it looks great to me.

  2. I like the pulp fiction.

  3. I _don’t_ like the Zen. But I’m not sure if I like the Continental or the Pulp Fiction better. The Continental seems really harsh to me, and I like that. I especially like how it fits with the Russian lettering. And I like the Russian lettering itself. But I’m not sure how the Russian ties in with the storyline.

  4. I like Zen the most, actually. Feels like a complete package. Continetnal and Pulp Fiction seem a little too contrast-y, with the eye not knowing where to focus, with the background fighting your figure and title. Zen mutes the background and your character and titles pop, so to me, it’s the winner. However, if you’re going for standard comic book cover, you’ll need to leave room for the company logo and that big ass bar code they slap on the front. Right now it would sit right over the monk.

  5. .

    2 then 1 then 3.

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