February 25, 2018

Inktober #2

Trying to use more blacks:



  1. I think that’s a girl, but s/he seems a little androgynous to me. The eyes feel more feminine (and vaguely impish), but the upper lip seems a little more masculine. I think the darkness at the bottom of the collar is supposed to suggest shadow, but with no context, it feels more dirty than anything, like s/he has been crawling on the ground. In my mind, I see a few small buildings in snowy Alaska, crowded together into more of a truck stop than a village. One building might be a cheap motel, and another is definitely a gas station. S/he has just crawled back from setting up some trick, and s/he is glancing back over hir shoulder, pleased at her mischief. The trick may backfire, but s/he doesn’t care. S/he might be even more amused, in fact. Think of Puck, as an eskimo.

  2. Awesome! Looks great my friend!

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