January 22, 2018

Inktober #3

Still trying to use more blacks. I’ve found that my brush pen needs to be dipped in water every once and a while to keep the ink flowing.



  1. Lovin’ the inks Brandon. This one has some nice stuff going on.

  2. Tell me of the waters of your homeworld, Usul.

  3. Excellent stuff. What kind of brush pen are you using for these? I’ve gotten hooked on the Faber-Castell PITT pens so I was just wondering.

    • Jake — Thanks! I’ll have to do make up work to catch up with what you’ve done.

      Ryan — There’s worm sign the likes of which God has never seen.

      Pat — I use a Pentel color brush. I’ll do a write up later today with more details.

      Joseph — yes, I totally muffed up on the placement of the shadow.

  4. This is awesome stuff. There’s a couple of things that get me, though. The shadow on the worm itself seems a little off, partly in that it seems to wrap around it unnaturally, and partly in that it doesn’t match the shadow on the ground. I like the little dude with the spear, it really puts the creature into perspective.

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