December 12, 2017

Kids Read Comics

So I’ve been a pretty faithful listener to Art and Story. The discussion is thought provoking, the personalities are interesting and the hosts are dedicated to forwarding the art of comics.

This is evident the Kids Read Comics convention that they help to organize and carry-out every year at no financial benefit to themselves. They do it because they care deeply about the potential for comics as a storytelling medium.

This year, I’m planning on attending for the first time, and taking full advantage of the huge support they give to artists attending the show (i.e. no table fees). In short, these guys are losing money so I can get a great deal on a convention. So, I figure the least I can do is contribute to the yearly art auction that helps to fund the costs of running Kids Read Comics.

This is the piece I’ve been working on today:

Click to Enlarge

I went back to microns on this one. I’m finding that brush takes more time, is more strain on my hand, and doesn’t give me as much flexibility. This was also an interesting practice, since the intent is to sell the finished piece, so I had to do everything on paper. The actual original piece still had the original pencil lines underneath the drawing.

Hope it help raise a couple of bucks. If you’re interested in owning the piece, stay tuned and I’ll post information on how to participate in the auction.


  1. Nice. Is it just a rooster? NO!

    I like that at first glance you aren’t sure what is goin on…


  2. hey brandon,
    beautiful work, great line!

  3. I love LOVE this. I want to read the story behind it. A great image that pulls you in.

  4. I saw this piece and knew I had to have it! I’m rather excited about getting it framed for my kitchen. 🙂

    Thank you for making this great art to support Kids Read Comics!

    Edith–KRC Co-Director

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