January 24, 2018

Monopoly Streets — Designing a Character

For Monopoly Streets I was given the privilege of designing a cast of characters to accompany the classic tokens from the boardgame.  I’ll post art for my favorites, and ones that didn’t make it, but first, I thought I’d show the process for one character.

We we’re trying to come up with a character to accompany the wheelbarrow, and the first thing to come to mind was some sort of farm type. My first pass was a back-woodsy-hill-billy type.

This ended up being one of my favorite sketches.

The next stab was a more Joadsy-type farm feller.

I thought he ended up looking pretty good with color.

Alas, it was decided we needed more diversity of the female variety, so I started trying variations on the farm-girl.

As is the case with character design, we decided to take bits and pieces form sketches we liked and combine them in one.

From here on out, for every revision I laid a sheet of marker paper over the previous sketch and refined it.

Another pass.

Trying to give her a bit more personality.

Okay, let’s just give her a nice happy expression, and no bulging biceps.

Part of the process is putting all of the character together in a line-up to make sure their silhouettes are all unique and that they contrast well with one another. I did about 20 of these with all the changes we made to characters. Maybe I’ll do a post with just the line-ups sometime.

Finally, I get to color.

The final model (not done by me). This model was probably the closest to the original concept.

And she’s off! They grow up so quickly…


  1. very cool! the personality drawing really made a difference. any african-american diversity?

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks! We had a pretty diverse line-up at one point, but all the diverse characters either got cut or magically changed skin color in the modeling process. 🙁

  2. Julianna Johnson says:

    Hey what did you color with?

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