January 24, 2018

Thank You Notes

I had a couple of thank-you notes to write the other day, and I thought it might be a good excuse to play with some watercolor. I really need to do more of this, both creating hand-made tokens of appreciation and working with traditional media. So much fun.


  1. Your paintings look great! Do you use a scanner to get them down digitally?
    I find that no matter if I use a scanner or camera, the unevenness of the paper (because of how much water was used) causes it to have shadows…


  2. Hey Juliet,

    Thanks so much for the compliment. I certainly could use some more practice!

    I scanned these images. I think I just mushed them down with the scanner lid to keep any warping to a minimum. I think it also helps to be sparing with the water when painting. Many artists will “rehearse” how they are going to layer on color first, before they do the final rendering. I find that helps to keep the painting fresher and livelier.

    Hope that helps!

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