February 25, 2018

How to Ink

A few years back, I had the opportunity to do a workshop in collaboration with Lean Into Art on how to ink. I didn’t talk much about what brush to use, or which paper works best. The focus of the tutorial is how to use lines to make your art look awesome. The title of […]

Goals Gone Wild

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you might know that one of the recurring themes here is practice and process over goals and achievements.  This insight does not come from some great font of retrospection or wisdom that wells up from within me, but it comes from me making some stupid mistakes that […]

How to Make a Good Drawing Great

If you’re anything like me, you decided to become an artist because you picked up a comic, or watched a movie, or saw an album cover that knocked your socks off. It spoke so profoundly to you and touched you so deeply, that you had no choice but to dedicate your life to understanding how […]

7 Ways to Study Another Artist

A great piece of art can offer a treasure trove of information on how to draw.  Here are seven studies I did of the cover of Invincible 98, by the inimitable Ryan Ottley. The original:     There are so many subtleties to what makes Ryan’s work great, but here are just a few ways […]

The One Rule to Drawing Ellipses

There are a lot of harrowing challenges to take on as an artist: learning human anatomy, figuring out perspective, drawing hands, ect.  But of all of the epic quests of artdom, none deserves more respect than learning how to correctly draw an ellipse. It is a task that can stop the otherwise enthusiastic art student […]

3 Drawing Skills You Should Master

Every drawing skill you want to learn can really be organized into 3 big categories. These are your areas of attack. To continue to grow as an artist you’ll want to make sure you’re studying a subject from one of these big categories regularly. Here they are: Construction Construction Is the most fundamental skill of […]

How to Practice Drawing: Phase 3 — Application

If you’ve done your work so far, this should be the most enjoyable part of practice, although you should still approach it with focus and purpose. Application is where we practice using imagination. As I shared before, imagination is one of the essential components that makes good art, but rather than being an unrelated third […]

How to Practice Drawing: Phase 2 — Study

To get better as an artist you need to establish a practice, and do it right. The core of this practice is the Study Phase. The Study Phase is meant to be a mental workout. When you push yourself past your comfort zone in a physical workout, you body adapts and becomes stronger. The same […]

How to Practice Drawing: Phase 1 — Warm Up

Warming up is the first phase of your art practice. This phase is simple but it’s extremely important. On the surface it’s about loosening yourself up, which is part of it, but in truth it’s also a drill in it’s own right – a drill that’s so important and fundamental that it will improve every […]

How to Practice Drawing

A while back, I thought I’d put down some practical ideas about how to practice to get better as an artist. It’s become one of my most popular articles, but since that time I’ve spent some more time workshopping my own process for self-improvement, and I’ve refined my approach to getting better at drawing There […]