February 25, 2018

Green Monk — The Web Comic

Green Monk is now online! Follow the latest adventures of the wandering monk at thegreenmonk.com


  Taking a bit of inspiration from Fred Astaire: http://pinterest.com/pin/87327680247344790/

The Amazon

Holy Crap! I got to post something on the Avalanche Blog! The theme was Wonder Woman, and everyone did these beautifully rendered illustration. I’m certainly not going to show up any of these fellas with painting, so I racked my brain to think up an angle that might make mine “stand out” a bit.  


Gentleman Fox

Playing with some inking techniques. Micron, Kuretake extra fine point marker and Kuretake brush pen.    

Channeling Gil

Doing a little study of Gil Elvgren’s rendering style. The design isn’t too much of a stretch but the rendering was something new. I included some developmental sketches too. You’ll notice I changed the face in the final rendering. It was a bit too sultry. I wanted something fresher and a bit more innocent feeling. sketches:

The Wandering Giant

Playing around with my new favorite app. I took a pic of a sketch from my sketchbook using Acquire for Photoshop , and started painting. Here’s the end result:

Dragon’s Roost — Part 2

Next Stop, color.

Happy Holidays

A little Christmas treat. More coming in 2012.

Still Going

Some more pages for Green Monk Volume 1. I’m starting to get more comfortable with using blacks. Still some things to figure out, but I’m certainly learning a lot about full-page layout in the process. I need to start being much more disciplined about paneling as I’m inking. I spent too much time cleaning this […]