January 22, 2018

Artcast #9 Green Monk Print: Part 2

Worked some more on the Green Monk print I started last week. Still some things I’ll want to tweak, but I feel like the print is about 90% there. You can watch the full artcast here: Here’s the final art:

Artcast #8 Green Monk Print

I continued the work form last week, designing and painting an exclusive Green Monk print for the upcoming MoCCA festival. We also had a visit from fellow concept artist Xavier Garcia and had a chance to talk about art, comics and all sorts of stuff. Here’s the beginning sketch followed by the in-progress painting. Still […]

ArtCast #5 Custom Brushes

Had a ton of fun doing some digital painting tonight for the artcast. I demoed my custom brush set and did a digital painting of Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender. Here’s the full video: And here is the final piece: If you’re interested, you can still get the custom brushes by signing up the […]


Here are the pencils for the first two pages of Rainmagic, the short I’m working on for the Sunstone comics anthology. I’m trying to get accustomed to this larger format. As you can see it would be nice if I had a large format scanner. I also have totally obviated the usefulness of my blue […]

Artcast #2 Digital Painting — 1

Doing a little bit of digital painting for the artcast today.  You can see the full 2 hour painting here: Or see the condensed progress below. The original sketch. Flating in the colors. Adding line work. Adding gradients to the shapes. Painting in shadows. Adding texture. Still a bit more work to do to finish […]

Ring Out the Old

So, I gotta say, 2009 was a good year. I can’t say I accomplished a ton, but having baby and publishing my first comic is enough to satisfy me. It’s interesting how focusing on a couple of simple things can really pay off. With that in mind I wanted to put the word out about […]

Nerf N-Strike Elite — Silhouettes

Ever since the Skillful Huntsman everybody wants to do silhouette studies as a first step to designing characters. There’s a very good reason to do this. Within the hierarchy of things that are most important in a composition, the silhouette of your characters is very likely the most important consideration. It communicates the mass, shapes, […]

Designing Characters for Nerf N-Strike Elite

So, this last year I had the awesome opportunity to do a bunch of concept work for EA Salt Lake’s Nerf N-Strike Elite. Now that the game is officially released, I can show some of my work. The majority of my efforts were spent on updating the character designs, but I’ll show a little bit […]

Last of the MohINKans

This is the last of  ’em. Thanks to everyone that bought pre-orders, and thanks to Jake for Inktober.

Ghosts of Inktober

Although Inktober is technically over, I’ve still got some sketches to do for my pre-orders, so I’ve requested an extension. You’ll probably see a couple more of these before the ghosts of Inktober are fully exorcised from my drawing table. These three sketches are attempts at trying to understand a little bit of A.J. Casson. […]