February 25, 2018

That’s All…For Now

Still no news on when or how the next Green Monk will be published. This will probably be the last pages I’ll post until something is figured out. You should be able to get a good idea from the story, if you’ve been following along. By this time I’ve started to work with a combination […]

Old Man O’ The Forest

A monster design for the new Green Monk story. Also trying out my new 000 brush I picked up from the art store for all the little details.

Kids Read Comics

So I’ve been a pretty faithful listener to Art and Story. The discussion is thought provoking, the personalities are interesting and the hosts are dedicated to forwarding the art of comics. This is evident the Kids Read Comics convention that they help to organize and carry-out every year at no financial benefit to themselves. They […]

Rainmagic: Inks Page 1

If you watched this artcast the other day, you probably saw me working on this a bit. Anyway, here’s some of the ink work I’ve done for page 1 of Rainmagic. I’ve got the majority of pages 2 and 3 inked as well, but I want o finish them up a bit more before I […]

Inktober 15, 16, 17

Man I gotta say I’m really digging working with the brush. Maybe its because its a brush pen, and I never have to dip it, but doing these things has been the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Inktober #13 The Undying One

Yup. More GRRM.


Well, post-production on Green Monk has been moving along. I should have some new frames I’ve added to show in the next couple of days. Till then here’s little fooling around with the brush pen while in Japan: Some witch-head sketches for Green Monk. Monster heads that may or may not be related to a […]