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Now on Shelves! Green Monk: Blood of the Martyrs

Almost ten years ago (has it really been that long?) I released a little mini-comic called Green Monk. It went on to be selected for the 2011 YALSA Top Ten Great Graphic Novels For Teens Booklist.

Flash forward to now. Two video game studios and two kids later I've finally expanded on the little story I started in 2009.

Green Monk: Blood of the Martyrs is beginning of legend. It's the origin story of Alexey, the wandering monk and how he came to possess the Greenblade.

Same character as the mini-comic, but the two stories are completely independent. 

It's a full-color, Trade Paperback on-sale now from Image Comics..

You can order it via your local comic book shop with order code APR 188 362 or via Amazon


Selected Praise For Green Monk:

"I absolutely loved GREEN MONK; steeped in religion, mythology, and history, this book is going to go far. I cannot wait for the announcement of a second volume. 10/10”

— Pastrami Nation

"Green Monk is amazing, so well drawn and well told; I hope for more of this, and more of any world Brandon wants to show us.” — Ryan Ottley (Invincible, Amazing Spider-Man)

“95/100” — Comicsverse

“Brandon Dayton’s Green Monk is an example of how rare it is for an artist’s work to look effortless while still mastering detail and texture, emotional grip, and most of all—compelling storytelling.” — David Petersen (Mouse Guard)

“Dayton stakes out distinct artistic territory with this book, and makes great use of it on every page.“ — Doom Rocket

“I was hooked on Green Monk right away. From calm, rolling vistas to sword fights with giants, Brandon brings it all to life beautifully. I was already a fan, but this the kind of work that should make him a household name.” — Chris Samnee (Captain America, Daredevil)

“Dayton creates beautiful, emotive settings and compelling characters in this new graphic novel, all while raising interesting questions about power and conflict.”

“Dad’s books are cool. A little gory, but cool.” — Lucy Dayton

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