Catch up

Okay, I've already done some sketching so I've got to catch up. Here's some hilights from my sketchbook so far.

A little bit of Bone to practice my line quality. This pic was preceded by about 10 pages of practive strokes including ellipses. Circles are hands down, the hardest thing to draw.

I'm also using a brush marker, which I don't like as much as a brush, but I'm pretty okay with the results here.

Brush marker and prismacolor black pencil. Prismacolor black pencil is a great drawing tool introduced to me by the illustrious Ernest Harker who runs the show at 8fish, where I do most of my work.

My wife doesn't like the look of marker. Maybe this will change her mind!

Okay, looks like I can't upload a bazillion images to Blogger at one time. I'll try and post my other sketches in another post.