Yenadloshi -- The Skinwalkers

I've been working on a screenply for a little over a year now involving Yenadloshi-- Navajo warlocks who gain supernatural powers by wearing the skins of animals.

These are a couple of the concept sketches that I've done along the way.

Look you can see his butt!
This charming little fellow below was ripped off from Bruce Beresford's The Black Robe. He's the director behind such masterpieces as Tender Mercies and less masterful pieces such as My Alibi.

Highly recommended. After you're done watching it, watch Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublyev. And you'll see evidence that Picasso was right when he said, "good artists borrow, but great artists steal."

I like the idea that the Yenadloshi--or yenas as they're called around the Rez--don't morph into animals like a werewolf would, but wrap thamselves inside of the the animal skins. So you end up getting these sweet ghoulish monsters that look like they're crudely stitched together.

I also like the idea of ripping off Mike Mignola. I must be a great artist!

There's this scene where this giant floating head appears in our the hero's bedroom This is what he's supposed to look like: