Testing Flock

This is my first time trying out Flock's blogging-made-easy capabilities. We shall see if blogging is actually made easier. I found out about Flock from Peter Abila's blog. Flock is basically a web browser that's supposed to enhance the social aspects of the web. It pulls together web services like del.licio.us, flickr, and blogger in such a way that they're all much more usefully and easier to use. I also really like Flock's built-in RSS aggregator. It does some really fun stuff, so download a beta and try it out.

REPORT: Okay, so if you're reading this, it means I've finally posted this blog entry. Turns out Flock is not quite ready for prime time, which is okay. It is beta software, so a few bugs are expected. When I tried to make a blog entry from Flock it loaded my post with a bunch of html garbage that kept it from posting correctly. I finally just had to re assemble my post from scratch on blogger.

Flock is still loads of fun to play with, so I'd still recommend trying it out. Just wait on the blogging features.

Okay here's some sketches. The top two were finished with a pilot fine liner and ink and brush. The last one was done with micron pens.