What it do

So I've had a request to explain exactly what I did on the Animated Maverik commercial. The studio I worked with to create this is by no means a large production studio, so I had the opportunity to contribute on many levels to this project. All of this was done under the direction of Ernie Harker, the owner and Creative Director of 8fish.

I did the following:

Helped develop the concept
Collaborated on the basic story structure
Contributed to character design (I designed the Monster's head)
Drew the storyboards
Edited the rough animatic based on the storyboards
Directed, mixed and edited the scratch track for the animatic
Oversaw production of the layout and workbook. That included drawing all but one of the character poses.
Oversaw the editing of the "workbook animatic"
Rough animation on shots 6 and 10(The last shot of dialogue between Ron and Britney).
Supervised rough animation and cleanup
Recorded the final dialogue

If you need any clarification on that, feel free to ask. There's some animation jargon there, and there's probably some 8fish specific jargon as well.