First Look -- MVT episode 3

Here's a little bit of animation for the next Monster vs. Trakker spot. I didn't get to do as much animation as I would have liked on this spot, but I'm pretty happy with this. The facial structure is much more consistent than some of the stuff I've done in the past; the features aren't floating around on the face (as much). Plus, the follow through and details on this were fun.

I'll make a post next time about my process for animation.

The rough animation is all me, and the second clip features cleanup by Gibbs Rainock.

If its not playing smooth (like it only shows three or four frames) you might have to download them to see the full motion.

To download, click on the video screen after you've played it. It'll take you to the viddler page where you can click the "download" tab to the right of the video.