A couple of guys and ghouls I sketched out today. I was playing alot with my cleanup process here. All of these were drawn and cleaned up on regler old typing paper. I think the results are as good as I would have got with bristol board, although the wolf drawing did get a bit warped with the ink.

On the wolf, I sketched it out with a mechnical pencil. For cleanup I primarily used a brush marker. When I scanned it in, I adjusted the levels, so that you could still see some of the sketch lines from the mechanical pencil. I also had to fix the placement of the eyes a bit, and I played around with the black and white edges in photoshop. So, some of the strokes you see here are digital:

On the vampire chick, I used a .02 micron pen to sketch the whole thing, then I went back and added the thicker lines with faber castell fine point felt marker. I like the delicate lines, and shapes I could build with those lines. I referenced some of Clair Wendling's hair rendering for the hair. Not quite as smooth and pretty as she does, but I'm working at it.

This last dude was rendered in a similar fashion to the vampire girl, just using some different thicknesses on the felt pens. Its interesting, that as I was drawing these, I had the impulse to use different media for cleaning them up depending on the sketch. Much more explorative then carefully planned out.