Lo, the Mighty Sketch Dump

Here's the first of a two part sketch dump. You'll notice some brush work here. Its all done with a Pentel Color Brush. I started using it after harassing Bill Pressing at Comi-con about what he uses. I'm finding I really like inking with this thing. My line work has a ways to go, but I'm having fun.

Sketched while watching some UFC:

Started as a stylized profile of my wife, and turned into a concept sketch for DUNE. One of my favorite features of my wife is her "beaked" upper lip. It comes to a point in the middle of the lip rather than at the top of the lip. There's something very delicate about it.

A bunch of stuff drawn with mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencil is great to sketch with. If you get a nice soft lead, it erases easily and you can rework and build up your sketch as you go. The downside is it smears like a beast, and its not as sharp looking as drawing with a prismacolor or a polychromos pencil.

As a result I have to spend a lot of time on the computer cleaning up my sketches so they look ok.

Stay tune for part 2. It'll be all cute girls!

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