Massive Sketch Dump

Well its not that massive, but it seemed like I was scanning for 5 hours (it was actually about an hour). Anyway, more apologies for my inconsistent posting. As I mentioned before, I've started a new job, and had some other hectic things to take care of.
I had kind of burnt out on drawing a little bit until I picked up a copy of volume 1 of the original Akira comic, and my brother lent me Craig Thompson's Blankets to read. Both of them left me feeling inspired. Reading Blankets made me realize that I should be using a brush to ink. I feel like I can translate my pencil work much more accurately with a brush. So expect to see more brush work from yours truly.

The whole experience has made me realize that I need to spend more time enjoying inspiring stuff. The ironic thing is that I rarely read comics, which is stupid, and I'm going to change. I'm getting a library card and exploiting the Salt Lake Public Library's comics section to its fullest potential.

I've also got to find really good stuff to read. I had been referencing some kind of mediocre comics lately, and its made me complacent and boring in my approach to drawing. Seeing really good stuff like Otomo and Thompson's stuff just gave me so much more of a hunger to push myself, and they did it in two totally different, uniquely brilliant ways.

Anyway, enough talk.