Who is the Green Monk?

So If you've known me for awhile or you're one of the few that have actually been following this blog since its inception you might know about Green Monk, a story that's been ruminating in my brain for years now. About three years ago I got it into my mind to make a mini-comic of it, and since then its been a harrowing tale of a battle with myself to create a truly personal piece of art.

I've had to combat a lot of self-doubt, inexperience and perfectionism to get to a place where I now feel ready to dive into this project. So keep your eyes peeled for more news.

For those of you that are interested, here's the basic premise: In a mythical Medieval Russia, a Russian Orthodox Monk wanders the countryside doing good with the aid of a giant blade of grass that can divide anything asunder, whether made by hands or magic. I have a handful of short stories that center around the monk that span different stages of his life. The topic of the current project is one of those stories.

So here's everything I've done so far on the project. There are no words yet, but you should be able to follow the story okay. I'd love to hear any thoughts or comments whether critiques, curiosity, questions or shameless praise.

Without further ado:

Don't you wish you knew what they were saying?