Whistling Cloud

logo_title_sm I'm sure you're wondering what this gay little fellow is up to. He's actually the mascot for Whistling Cloud. Whistling Cloud is the a banner under which I'm going to kick around all the stuff that I self-produce. Currently that means a couple of prints, and sketchbook, but soon it'll be Green Monk and some other fun projects in very early stages of development.

Why not just use my own name? Well, I want Whistling Cloud to be something that transcends myself, an icon that represents a certain type of experience; particularly that of awe, wonder, adventure and curiosity. I also want it to be shared experience. It's a banner under which I can collaborate with others to create something bigger than I can achieve on my own.

With that in mind, I'm planning on exhibiting at this year's APE con under the Whistling Cloud banner. So if you plan on going, keep your eyes peeled for the Whistling Cloud, and let me know if you have any good ideas for a name for him. If you come up with a name that's good enough I might actually shamelessly steal it from you (I might also draw you something nice).

So, let me know what you think.