Artcast #3 Digital Painting 2

Boo hoo. I forgot to record last Monday's Artcast. Fortunately, I can still show you what I did. This is a continuation of the painting I started here. Adding more texture and tone to the face. Working out the eyes.


Adding in a background. The wallpaper pattern is a custom brush I built then varied its alignment and duplicated it across the background.


Adding noise and texture to the background. The texture is a hi-res custom brush.


Adding a flame to the background and some color variation on the wall. Also painting in some reflected light on the suit


The finishing touch.


Voila! Apologies for not recording this. I'm going to be doing a whole different approach to coloring at the Artcast Network screening room, tomorrow night at 9 pm EST. Hopefully that'll make up for it.

See you there!