Here are the pencils for the first two pages of Rainmagic, the short I'm working on for the Sunstone comics anthology. I'm trying to get accustomed to this larger format. As you can see it would be nice if I had a large format scanner. I also have totally obviated the usefulness of my blue line paper by using red pencil on page 2 (but I got it so I got to find some way to get rid of it). After working on Green Monk, I totally prefer using Borden and Riley Bleedproof paper . It's cheaper, and I like the surface better. I'll start working with it once I get rid of all of my old Bristol.

You can also tell that I re-worked the face about 5 times. Bristol is not so forgiving of so much indecision. I finally got wise and made this style sheet for the girl's face.


Overall, I'm liking where this is going. You can see some video of me working on page 2 below (before my camera malfunction). I can't wait to ink this stuff.