Staying Regular

Here's what I'm thinking for format and schedule of this blog:

I'd like to post twice a week. One post will feature my own work and the other will contain references to other works I like, with commentary.

So in the spirit of post type number two, I wish to introduce John Kricfalusi

For those of you don't know, John K. is the creator of Ren and Stimpy, among other things, and runs a fine blog. He's kind of credited with the revival of animation that began with Ren and Stimpy at Nickelodeon and has been carried on by many outfits all the way over to the Cartoon Network.

His blog includes really interesing commentary and theories on animation, and great samples of his own work and other artists he admires. Plus, he's a funny guy.

Make sure to check out his Beautiful People posts.

Now, just a sample of things I've found on his site that have had me in stitches: