The Final Stretch

Okay, just a couple of days to go until the end of the month, and I've got a ton of stuff to post. I'll probably be dividing some of these sketches up into several posts, for thematic reasons, and cause there's a lots of them.

washed up super heroes.

The drawing below is a good example of not letting your subject matter tie you down. I drew this as my wife was watching the end of Pretty Woman. There's a scene where Julia Roberts is having lunch with her hooker friend, and is wearing this red pants suit and has hair that looks like it was chizled out of ice.

The sketch is more of an impression than trying to be a mathematical likeness of Julia.

Trying to be too exact while sketching can be really stifling, in fact Walt Stanchfield advises that you modify a pose to make it more dynamic. He also talks about the idea of empathizing with a pose--trying to understand it emotionally--then sketching that impression. Sketching what you feel, more than what you see.

What's up with these grey smudges? Maybe I need to push down more on my sketch book when I'm scanning.