Lazy Bum

Well april has come to an end and that means that I've moved on to a new goal for the month of May which is not art related. I've got a screenplay I've been working on for over a year now and I'm trying to hit some benchmarks with it this month.

So I still haven't finished my sketchbook. I have one page left.

I did however do at least one more sketch in my sketchbook that I liked. Here it is.

I was checking out james jean's website the other day. He might as well post a sign at the homepage that says, "abandon all hope." this guy is insanely good, and totally uninhibited. Check out his "recess" paintings. They will inspire you and give you nightmares.

Anyway I love that Jean always puts things on interesting perspectives. There aren't a lot of straight on shots, everything is either a low angle or a high angle, giving his compositions a lot of drama, and accentuating depth.

So that's why I tried to draw a picture from a high angle.

The End.