Los Famosos

My favorite scene in the movie "Buena Vista Social Club" is when the band goes to New York and two of them are walking down the street and see some cheapo tourist store that has all these bobble heads of Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx, and Charlie Chaplin ect, ect. and one of the guys points out the bobble heads and says, "Mira, todos los famosos." (Look, all the famous ones.)

It's great because they don't even know who the celebrities are, just that they're famous.

Here are some caricatures from a while back. These we're done after seeing John K.'s "beautiful people" posts.

If I were him I'd criticize these drawings for being too observational. I haven't done enough sketches of any of these "famosos" to get a feel for them. It's all just exagerating some of the features.